Sunday, September 20, 2009

Crafty Weekend Activities

It has been a really fun weekend being creative!Fun project of decorating a non-alcoholic beer bottle carrier.
Love those birdies.

Of course~buttons!

Next project is a gift photo album for family who
visited us in Grass Valley.
I found this pre-made two-sided photo album at
a craft shop in Grass Valley.

Page one.

Love this rock sign that greets you to Nevada County.

We went to the Empire Mine State Park.

Learning interesting information about
the California Gold Rush.

The grounds at Empire Mine are lovely.

This is the "cottage" located at the Empire Mine.

The blacksmith was making rings and tiny spoons for visitors.

Mine shaft. Eeeeekkkkk!

Brothers and their ladies. We took a fun hike along a canal.

Old postcards from Grass Valley and Nevada City.

A little info on the Empire Mine.

There are lots of old sweet homes in the old parts of town.

We did a little shopping in Nevada City
and ended up at the candy store.

I hope all my blogger friends had a fun weekend.
Hugs, Dogwood


Rachel said...

Well, the candy store is definitely a good place to end your day!

Love the photo album. I did some scrapbooking today too. I'm trying to get 840+ photographs from my trip to Europe into an album. I think I got 40 done today. Yep, that will be a long-term project.

What a cute idea to cover the beer holder. Does it HAVE to be non-alcoholic? Wouldn't find one of those containers in my house haha.

Theresa said...

Love the bottle carrier, please post how you did that! Your personal touch to the album is sooo wonderful. You have been a busy lady this weekend. My projects are backing up, wanna come help me? I know, I know it is a long drive. I am gonna get busy today and hopefully get some stuff marked off my list:) Have a blessed day!

cupcake studio said...

Love your carrier! Fun!

Claudia said...

You have been busy! I love the carrier and the album is wonderful! (Love seeing the shot of Nevada City!) We will be celebrating our anniversary on Oct. 12 - it was Columbus Day in Nevada City. Great memories.

goldenbird said...

The bottle carrier turned out so cute! Love the bird and the buttons. I like that two-sided photo album, and you did a great job with the scrapbooking. Love the photo of the mine.

Anya said...

Well you are a very creative person,
its beautiful special that photo album and those birds on the box :)
I am also creative but at the moment ;(
not so much ....... LOL

Mandy Saile of Bijou's Whimsy said...

Love the box Dogwood:D