Wednesday, September 16, 2009

King Tutankhamun

Front of the De Young Museum.

King Tut.
Oh, it was a fabulous exhibit.
Who's that with Tut? Oh, it is Dogwood!
Side tower at the De Young Fine Arts Museum
of San Francisco, CA.
The De Young was founded in 1895 and is located in the
Golden Gate Park. Due to the damage from the
1989 earthquake, the museum was declared unsafe
and was demolished in 2002. In October 2005 the museum was
re-opened in a state-of-the-arts new facility.

The California Academy of Sciences is located accress
from the DeYoung.

Entrance art by Andy Godsworthy "Drawn Stone."

Copper sheeting on the side of the building.

This is such an exciting exhibit.
I viewed it thirty years ago in the old museum building.

Scrap book momentos.

Here he is~KING TUT.
He became king at age nine years.

So amazing.

Such beauty.

So pretty. That face with those engaging eyes.

The colors are awsome.

The detail unbelievable.

The hieroglyphic alphabet contains thousands of characters, some representing sounds, others representing whole words and even phrases. This chart shows hieroglyphic symbols which represents sounds that are quite close to the English language.
Maybe you want to try writing you name. Fun.

It was a great day with My Guy.

Coffee and sweet roll before, and then out for dinner.

Have a historic day. ~Dogwood~


goldenbird said...

That is such a cute picture of you, Cory. Glad you had fun at the exhibit with your guy. Gosh, that brings back memories of thirty years ago! It was a big deal in my family that we all got to go ... I remember enjoying it very much, even if I was a bit young to fully appreciate it. Not sure I will get there this time around.

Theresa said...

Oh what gorgeous pictures and I am happy to see that nice picture of you. Enjoyed all of the exhibit, thanks for sharing. Have a blessed day.

Rachel said...

What a nice outing! I love going to museums, too. Usually, though, I take my daughter as my husband is just not interested.

Cute photo of you!

Jayme said...

Now I keep singing 'King Tut...funky Tut'. :-) Aaron and I saw that exhibit in Chicago a few years ago. It's amazing.

Glad you had such a great day!

Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Oh my gosh, that exhibit was here at our Center For The Arts and I missed it!! Glad to hear about it from you and so glad you had a nice time with your guy :) Those are the best days :)

Debra said...

What a fab time you had....fantastic pictures...thanks for sharing :)

Sioux said...

Dear Dogwood~
You are an awesome photographer and really capture the moment. I hope to use your photos taken at Roger’s Gardens as inspiration for adding interest and seasonal color to our flower beds; pumpkins around the fountains and foliage and flowers in fall colors tucked in here and there. Thanks for the many creative ideas you continually share with me.

Siouxie Wildcat