Sunday, September 6, 2009

So Many Bird Houses

I have a weakness for Bird Houses.
All the bird houses in this post decorate our house and yard.

This little sweet bird house was given to me by
My Guy for my Birthday.

This bird house sits on the railing at our front door.
I purchased it from a catalogue for a
family member's school fund raiser.

I love this sweet white church bird house that sits on
the retaining wall opposite our front door.

Can't help but love this yellow bird house with the purple flower.
The funny cat is there to protect the birds! He-he.
Both of these were purchased at a wonderfrul shop in Georgia while visiting my sissy.

Hand made bird house and sign. We have lots of deer in Grass Valley.
Again purchased in GA while visiting my sissy.

Another bird house from Georgia!

Purchase at a craft shop. I love the roof line on the tall one.
Could not resist the tiny one!
The birds really love bathing in the bird bath with cute frog.

Now, this is a real bird house.
The birds love to nest in this one in the Spring time.

My most recent purchase.
Sweet hand made by a nice man in Northern California.
I was travelling with my four high school BFFs.

This owl house is really, really high up in the pine tree.
I sure hope the owls find it soon.
My Guy built it!

Pottery bird house made by my daughter~Teresa.
She made the dish also. I am so proud of her!

Hand thrown by Teresa at T Pots Potter Studio.

I love, love this cute whimical bird house made by~Teresa.

There are more bird houses hidden around the house and yard but this is enough for now.
Tweet-tweet to you~Dogwood


Rachel said...

My mum likes birdhouses, too. She has them hanging from the trees in her front yard. I love the last one you showed - the pottery birdhouse made by your daughter. They're all nice, but that one is especially sweet!

Theresa said...

Strange thing... I just came in from spray painting a birdhouse made of sticks! Love all of yours, I have a thing for them too:) Have a blessed day and thanks for sharing all your beautiful birdhouses!

Michelle said...

These are all just so beautiful and sweet! What a wonderful way to surround yourself with something that makes you smile :-)

My favorite is the church with the Fleur-de-lis!!


Hi Cory,
My favorite is the first one with the frogs on it:) I have a frog tat on my ankle :) Silly me!!
Have you started on the ATC?
Deb :)

goldenbird said...

I love of all of your birdhouses, Dogwood, especially the white church. I'm so glad you have real birdhouses, too. Birds need our help because they are losing so much habitat. I worry about them. Thanks for watering and feeding them, too :o) I thought of you today at the park while watching woodpeckers flitting from tree to tree and listening to the birdsong.

Pretty pottery by Teresa. Love that whimsical bird house.

goldenbird said...

PS. Congrats on having your tutorial featured on One Pretty Thing.

Claudia said...

Birdhouses are wonderful, aren't they? I love them too. I used to have a lot of them, but I think they are packed away in the shed. The Deer Crossing sign is so sweet - we have a lot of them here, too! Your birdhouses are just lovely.

Jayme said...

I just love birdhouses! I see them, and it's hard for me to buy them, cause I know I could make them, but I never do. I have maybe six around here. EVERY winter, I swear to make more, but I just don't. Thanks for the reminder!

Marina Capano said...

Hi Nice to meet you! what a nice birdhome, I love them!
and I love Rocky OMG is so cute!

Your Rocky does look a lot like our Mr. Tom! They are a lot of company and give LOTS of love!!
I love cats!


hugs from far away

Marina and Mr. Tom

Michelle said...

Hi again~
I just wanted to let you know I finally got my tag up on my blog last night! Thanks for including me, it was fun:-)

Hope you enjoyed the long weekend!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

What a grerat collection!!