Monday, October 5, 2009

Slough Safari

How about this pantoon boat. Looks like fun? YES!
It is the boat used for a a great Safari tour of
the slough in Moss Landing California.
We were offered a close-up look at birds and marine mammals
that live in the slough.
Isn't this the cutest sign with the little boat floating on top.
There are lots of wonderful old boats
hanging around in Moss Landing.

Oh, who is that?
I fell in love with the "life vest"
and felt so very stylish wearing it.
Wow, I sure did catch that bird in flight.

Love the old weathered wood posts in the water.

Old guys hanging out together.
They are so sweet...really!

Sea Otter just hanging out and eating.

Birds, birds and more birds.

Fun picture!

So peaceful. Love that smooth, peaceful, calm water

These sea lions brought tears to my eyes.
I wanted to hold the babies!

My dear friend Stacy from Golden Bird Knits invited me on this adventure.
I have had the pleasure of knowing her for more than seventeen years.
I rate both the Safari and Stacy with five stars!

The naturalist on the Safari was informative and interesting.
She gave us just enough information without being overwhelmed.

Heave-Ho and happy sailing to you.
Hugs, Cory


Tammy James said...

I commented on Stacy's photos yesterday, they're all lovely. Very different to our wildlife. We are just entering spring here hence the flowering Lilac you commented on. Thanks for sharing your adventure.

Theresa said...

Loved seeing it thru your eyes and Stacy's! The only thing wrong with these pictures is I WASN'T THERE:) Sweet beauty of nature! Have a blessed day!

woollywotnots said...

You've captured some fantastic photos, Cory and I agree you do look very stylish in your life jacket. The blue suits you. : ) It sounds like a lovely trip.

Bunny Rose Cottage said...

You are so CUTE!!!!!!! And I am dying over those seals!! I love seals! Your so lucky to live in a place like that. I wish I did :)

goldenbird said...

Love your pics, Dogwood! They turned out great. It was fun going on safari with you and so sweet whey you saw the sea lion babies and got tears in your eyes. Thank you for giving me five stars, that gave me tears in my eyes! I'm going to edit my post and let everyone know they should pop over here to check out your pics!

Rachel said...

What a great adventure! Love the photos - especially the seals (sea lions? are they the same thing?)! And, yes, you look very fetching in your bright blue life jacket. Such style!

Anya said...

Amazing post
I have never seen a sea lion in real
I wish I could :))))

Teresa Wik- T Pots Pottery said...

I can now see why your camera stopped working- you have worn it out with all your wonderful pictures! Were the seals all yelling at you? They are so cute!!!!