Thursday, October 15, 2009

UCSF~Cancer Center~Peace Quilt

Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month,
I took some of my hand-knit scarves
with colorful sox tied together
with a matching ribbon to
UCSF-Cancer Center for donation.
The sox and scarves keep the patients warm and cozy
during and after their therapy.
I hope my hand-made gifts also warm their hearts.

This lovely hand-made quilt hangs in the lobby of the UCSF-Cancer Center.

A sign next to the quilt explains how the quilt came to be made.

The above and following pictures show some of
the sweet squares that make up the quilt.

No more words needed~enjoy.

I knew you would enjoy this special
quilt made by special people.
While I was taking these photos,
a very nice gentleman was playing
the piano which he does each week as a volunteer.
Sweet and loving thought to all.


Theresa said...

What a sweet post! I love the quilt and I enjoyed looked at all of the squares:) Cancer is terrible and it is great to know that there are people like you doing something to help. The socks and scarves, SWEET! Have a blessed day!

goldenbird said...

I enjoyed looking at pictures of the peace quilt, Cory. It's beautiful and I love the sentiments. You're so generous to provide handknit scarves and cute socks to cancer patients.

Marina Capano said...

Hi! what a sweet post!fantastic quilt!


Jill said...

Such a dear place in my heart - UCSF is the place were my sister had her cancer surgeries this year and some of her treatments. Thank you for sharing the pictures. They are lovely, and make me feel I am there, instead of across the country.


Teresa Wik- T Pots Pottery said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures of the quilt. UCSF, Mt Zion is a wonderful place (if you have to go through cancer treatment) Stu received excellent, compassionate care from all the staff and volunteers. They also seem to know a little about medical care *wink*... he is almost 3 years cancer free.