Friday, November 13, 2009

My Dogwood Painting

You all already know how much I love Dogwood trees
especially those with pink blossoms.
Here is my creative attempt at a
branch with pink dogwood blossoms.
The canvas is teeny-tiny.
It is only 3" X 3".
I had lots of fun painting this
and wanted to share it with you!
Have a wonderful and happy fall weekend.


Theresa said...

Beautiful picture, I love those tiny paintings you are making! Have a blessed weekend and happy painting:)

Rachel said...

Teeny tiny and so cute. I love it! Have a wonderful and creative weekend! ☺

Suz said...

Isn't it fun to express yourself in painting. you have done that quite well. Love the composition and the way the branch wraps around the canvas. Are these ATC? or something else that one might trade?

Susan - said...

Very sweet little painting. I grew up in the Bay Area - and went to Chico (way back.) Loved the Grass Valley area.

goldenbird said...

Very nice! Your painting looks wonderful, I love the clouds. Isn't painting fun? It takes you to another world.

Did you get any rain in SF last night/this morning? The ground is wet here, but it must have been light because I didn't hear it.

woollywotnots said...

oh i love this. so beautiful. it is perfection.