Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Old and The New~SHOES

It is so sad to see my favorite pair of shoes get old.
I have had them a year
and worn them almost every day!
I never thought I would find another pair as comfortable
and that is the most important thing at my age!
Who cares about style.
But, I did find another wonderful pair of cozy shoes.

What do you thing? Aren't they just so lovely.
And, the stitching detail is so sweet.

I am a happy gal!

Okay~I will share my secret with you.
They are from REI.
The compay is Keen.
And, that they are~so KEEN!

"Them shoes are made for walking."




Suz said...

Them shoes look so COMFORTABLE
What did you do with old pair?

Theresa said...

Perfect! I know what you mean about comfort. I wear heel once a week to Church, all other days are comfortable shoes. When I worked, I wore heels EVERY day:( Have a blessed Thanksgiving My Friend!

Dogwood said...

Suz~Can't get rid of them old them too much!

Don't go looking 'cuz you won't find them sitting on the side of the road!!

Theresa~Comfort first!

Happy, Happy Tanksgiving to the two of you dears!

cupcake studio said...

Ahh, I do love a good pair of comfy shoes! Happy Thanksgiving!

goldenbird said...

I have trouble letting go of old shoes, too, and if I really love them will go and buy a new identical pair. You always have the cutest most comfy shoes. I like those new ones from REI.

I'd wish you a happy Thanksmas but I think I already have about ten times. How about ... enjoy your week!

Claudia said...

I'm with you on comfort - I go for comfort all the time now - no heels! Although if my comfortable shoes are stylish all the better. You found some good looking shoes!

Dogwood said...

Stacy~We always seem to like the same shoes.

Cupcake & Claudia~Yes! Comfort for the feet.

Rachel said...

My friend Anne loves Keen shoes. She's got these little tiny feet and they looks so cute and gnome-like in her round-toe Keens. They are very outdoorsy shoes, I think. I go more for style (and pay the price with aching toes at the end of the day) but sometimes a pair of good, comfortable shoes can't be beat!

woollywotnots said...

oh well done, it is always great to have a good pair of shoes. they look sooo comfy!happy walking!