Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Grass Valley Back Yard~Winter

Can't help but love those little finches!
This picture was taken out the kitchen window.
I could spend hours watching these sweet birds.

I bet you thought, "Oh, look at Rocky."
But, no this is not Rocky but Charlie who lives next door.
I absolutely LOVE orange tabby cats.

The old apple tree.

The bare branches of winter.
Don't forget that an apple a day keeps the doctor away!


Theresa said...

What sweet little birds! I thought that WAS Rocky:) Just a look-a-like! Enjoy Grass Valley Dear Friend! Hugs from Georgia!

Bunny Rose Cottage said...

What a beautiful post! I LOVE NOT seeing snow, lol!! I am sick of it already! I adore birds and could watch them all day long!

goldenbird said...

Nice shot of those birds! That cat does look like Rocky. I like the pictures of the old apple tree, the colors are so pretty. Are you going to get any snow this week? It is supposed to rain here the rest of the week. (yay!)

Marina Capano said...

Amazing pics!!!

Happy new year!!!

The best for you and yours!!!

Marina and Mr. Tom!!!