Thursday, December 24, 2009

Rocky~The Rock Star

Rocky and I want to wish you a very Happy and Fun Holiday.
I made this cozy blanket out of Fat Squares
from my friend Stacy at Golden Bird Knits.

Can you find Rocky in this picture?I love the orange colors in this blanket.
It kind of matches Rocky's fur.

Rocky says, "Here I am!"

It is so cold and frosty this morning!

I love taking photos of Rocky.
Rocky says, "I try to be patient and pose nicely for Dogwood."

How do you like Rocky's new collar?
He thinks it is pretty snazzy.
The green compliments his orange fur so nicely!

Rocky is getting tired.
Time for his morning cat nap.

Have a Jolly Good Day!!!!



Theresa said...

Cute pictures of you two! Love the blanket you made and obviously Rocky loves it too! Have a perfect evening, warm and wonderful. Hugs from Georgia!

Suz said...

OH I love his new is his right?
He is so adorable...really a cutie pie
I loved your photo with him
blonde and a redhead

goldenbird said...

The quilt looks great! The picture of you and Rocky is cute and funny. He sure is a handsome fella and seems to like getting his picture taken. Thanks for the shout out ... I almost didn't recognize my name because I'm not used to seeing it spelled correctly :o)

Jayme, The Coop Keeper said...

Oh Poo! How did I miss this post!? I love that Rocky so much. I want to eat him up. Love his collar! Love that little blanket. I can't wait to get some sewing done this winter. So many things to make! I'll comment here too about the wonderful fabric sale! Lucky you! I cannot for the life of me ever find bias tape on sale, and I like using that on aprons. I finally broke down and bought that little contraption that helps you make your own bias tape.