Monday, December 7, 2009

Snow...oh, goodie~SNOW.

Oh, my...what happened last night?Soooo~exciting!

"Beautiful" is the word that comes to mind when I see snow.

I "raked" our driveway clean of snow.

Our front yard.

Backyard with about seven inches of snow.

Liquid Amber tree branches heavy with snow.

The birds were out in full-force this morning.

On Thanksgiving Day my daughter and I sat
on that bench for a chat.

So much snow. I love it!

Makes me smile.

Fun to see my bird houses in the snow.

The apricot tree.

Oh, there is that sweet wooden bench again.
No birds bathing in this weather.

It is hard to see but there is a bird on the
back side of the suet holder.
Hope you have enjoyed my excitement
about our snowy yard!


cupcake studio said...

Oh wow, that's some beautiful, fluffy snow!

Theresa said...

Snow, Snow, Beautiful Snow! That was on a record we played at Christmas when my almost 36 year old was a tot:) Love all the snow pictures, especially the one of the birdhouse all stacked up with the fluffy snow. I can see that bird on the back of that birdhouse. How sweet of you to keep them some food for such days when there is nothing else to be found. AND I can't forget that sweet bench! I love it each time you show it. Perhaps I can sit on that bench one day and chat with you:) Have a blessed day!

Claudia said...

I thought of you yesterday when we saw some film of Grass Valley and the snow - either on the Weather Channel or CNN. It looks beautiful!


Suz said...

Oh my goodness...that snow is gorgeous,unlike our wimpy first snow in Chicago (tonight though, I think your snow is headed our way)
I absolutely loved your 6th photo of your snow covered tree branches with a few golden leaves peeking through..that's a keeper photo...I did save it! What a wonderland...I think I'll go back and look at them again!


Hi Cory,
I didn't know it snowed where you live!!! It's very pretty! It's snowing here.
Love your bird ornaments.
I sent out the ATC card and hope you get it this week. I think I forgot to put a return address on it so I hope it won't get lost.
Trying to stay warm..
Deb :)

Bunny Rose Cottage said...

WOW!!! You got a LOT of snow!!! We are getting a storm right now and have about an inch. The boys are really hoping school is canceled tomorrow :)
Hugs and stay warm!

goldenbird said...

The snow looks so beautiful, especially on the trees in the backyard. Your pictures turned out great. Does Grass Valley usually get that much snow? Believe it or not they were actually talking about the Grass Valley snow on KGO earlier in the week.

We got snow here, too, on Monday. I was so surprised when I drove to work and saw snow on the Almaden foothills. All of the higher ranges have snow on the peaks. When I left work last night it was so cold it felt like Lake Tahoe.

Marina Capano said...

HI hOW A U???
OMG! What a cute pics!!! I love them!

awesome! here in Argentina is summer, I´m hot! and ours xmas are with so hot!

one day I WISH I stayed on xmas in winter!!!!
Thanks for sharing!
you are so good with your camera
bye for now


Anya said...

BEAUTIFUL snow pictures :-)

I have a snow on my blog
Come and look if you like it :

Its really winter ...... LOL
Its safe its from blogger and its easy :-)
Anya :-)

woollywotnots said...

Oh wow! what a great set of photos.