Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sweet Love

Santa is on his way along with those sweet reindeer.If you have not seen the movie MARCH OF THE PENGUINS,
this would be the time to see this sweet love story!
Enjoy your day.


Theresa said...

Sounds good to me, wanna go with me? Hehe, I bet if we lived closer... we could hang out sometime. Have a blessed day dear friend!

Suz said...

I have not....but on your recommendation I will.
Is santa on his wasy already?
I better get wrapping
kids will be here on Wednesday..boy will those cute little California babes be in for a shock...it's 6 degrees this morning

Claudia said...

I love that movie - it makes me cry!


Woollywotnots said...

Oh yes, I've seen the movie. It is a very sweet tale. : )

goldenbird said...

That's a movie you never forget. Made me cry. Alot.

Teresa Wik- T Pots Pottery said...

I loved that movie! Enjoy your day.