Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Rocky's Post

Dogwood just left to do some errands
so I decided to do a post today while she was gone.I love sleeping near the fireplace gas heater.

Those are Dogwood's cozy warm wool sox.
She left them out for me to sleep on.

How do you like my orange tabby stripes.
I am very proud of them.

Sleeping in the sun after spending the morning
watching the birds feed at Dogwood bird feeders.
She love those birds.
I make a funny chirp sound when I see them.
Dogwood and Her Guy laugh at me.

I love orange.

Nothing better than jumping in the laundry basket
of warm clean clothes.

Now that I have fallen asleep, I know Dogwood will
let me stay here.

I have a cold and my vet gave me medicine.
It makes me very sleepy.
When I went to the vet yesterday,
she said I was a little overweight.
Oh, I hear Dogwood returning home.
Bye for now.


Claudia said...

Hi Rocky, you sure are a cutie and it looks like you have a comfy spot there near the fire. Say hello to Dogwood for me.



Hi Rocky and Dogwood,
My Mack loves to sleep on clean warm clothes that are on the sofa.
Hope you feel better soon, Rocky.'s just the "winter" weight and will come off in the spring...that's my story and I'm sticking to it!!
Keep Warm,
Deb :)

Theresa said...

Oh Rocky, I love it when you post on Dogwood's blog. She says a lot of really interesting but I also love to hear from you:) I DO love your stripes, they are purr-fect! Tell Dogwood hello from her Georgia friend, Ganky!

cupcake studio said...

So of our kitties makes a little chirpy sound when he's stalking the birds outside the window too!

Anya said...

Hi Rocky
Nice to see you
on your Mommy's blog :-)
I love your orange color
I have 50% orange & 50% white fur
I send you hugs
Kareltje =^.^=

goldenbird said...

Rocky, you're making me sleepy! The warm fireplace, sleeping in the sun, the basket of clothes ... I'm ready for a nap. Hope you shake that cold soon and start feeling better. Don't worry about the extra pounds, you are handsome fellow at any weight.

Teresa Wik- T Pots Pottery said...

Hey Rocky- great to hear from you, I do hope you start feeling better soon! Just have Dogwood move the rubber wiggly for you to chase, come spring you will be lean. Well, I need to go watch the snow fall from the trees.

Stay warm, Love Delly (Delleker) The Cat

Rachel said...

Rocky? ROCKY! You should have been awake instead of dozing on those socks. Then you could have stopped that nasty person from breaking into mommy's car.

(sorry to hear about it!)

Suz said...

Oh Rockie..can I have a signed photo?
You are just so cute
socks..clean laundry..warm sun... do live the life of a star
but hey...why not
someone has to

Jill said...

Oh Rocky! Tell our friend Stacy to make you some wool socks of your own! Such a cutie!


Jenny said...

I have to be honest here. I envy your day. Especially the warm clothes from the dryer part! Our granddaughters love when we pile them up on them like that! Stay cozy!

Jayme, The Coop Keeper said...

Rocky, you are one lucky cat. I have a feeling your owner takes good care of you! How nice of her to leave warm baskets of clothes out and socks to boot. Orange is definitely your color! I'm overweight too, but we are both still rockstars.