Sunday, February 28, 2010

Almond Blossoms and Mustard Flowers

I had to pull off the highway and take some photos!It was snowing almond blossoms.

How about those beautiful straight rows of trees.
The first row on the left are just little baby almond trees.

Mustard flowers.

I love the bright yellow against the lust green.
These pictures were taken along Highway 80
outside of our state capital,
Sacramento, near the college town of Davis.


goldenbird said...

The almond blossoms and mustard flowers are so pretty. Are almond trees the ones that smell so good when they blossom? I love it when everything is so lush and green around here. Hope you have a great week.

Rachel said...

Just look at all that green! So beautiful!

Everywhere I look, it's white, white, white (with some brown thrown in for good measure because the temp was above freezing today).

Theresa said...

Well that is a first for me, I have NEVER seen an almond tree. Gorgeous! And the mustard flowers are so pretty with the yellow and bright green. What a wonderful sight this must have been. Hugs from Georgia and thanks for sharing these beautiful picturs.

Claudia said...

I don't believe I have ever seen an almond tree - just beautiful! Those photos are so pretty - they have me longing for Spring!


Susan - said...

I went to school in Chico - many moons ago - and I remember the beautiful almond orchards around the town. Also, those mustard flower fields are wonderful.

bad penny said...

ooh - for some reason I only got one photo up, but it reminded me of living in Spain where the almond blossom is beautful

Suz said...


Anya said...

So nice to see new bloom :-)
I am waiting for spring !!!!!

((hugs )) to all Kareltje =^.^=

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

The almond trees look so pretty! Glad you are finding signs of spring.

Marina Capano said...

ohhh!! Just beautiful blossoms!!!
I love your post!!!