Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day~Sweeties

"Hearts in San Francisco"This lovely heart is displayed in front of
the San Francisco General Hospital.
In 2004 the San Francisco Hospital Foundation
developed a project to raise public awareness
and money for the San Francisco General Hospital.
Heart artwork is displayed aound
San Francisco and then autioned off.
Since the project began, it has raised
$5 million dollars for the hospital.
You can check out the websitefor
"Hearts of San Francisco here.
Have a sweet day!



DAY !!

Deb :)

Theresa said...

What a beautiful, colorful heart! Sounds like a wonderful way to make money for the Hospital. Have a sweet day dear friend! Happy Valentine's Day:)

Rachel said...

Oh I love those hearts in San Francisco. We had our picture taken in front of a couple in Union Square. In New Orleans they have the Fleur-de-lis everywhere; in Calgary, they have cows all over downtown. I wonder what else we can find?

Happy Valentine's Day, sweet friend! ♥

Tami B. said...

Happy hearts day to you :)

Suz said...

you're just a sucker for hearts aren't too

goldenbird said...

That heart is lovely. I love the colors. Wow, 5 million dollars ... that's fantastic.

Woollywotnots said...

Very interesting. I love the heart.