Friday, February 5, 2010

Rocky and His Cat Friends

Cats are Amazing.
Curling his arm.

Curling his tail.

Rocky with his cat friends...Not!

This needs a caption.
"It's A Cats Life"



Theresa said...

Cute kitty! The ones on the toilet are sooooo precious. "Hey, anybody out there got kitty litter, we don't like using this toilet"! Have a wonderful weekend! Hugs!

goldenbird said...

Cats are amazing. Mine are currently stalking a big flying beatle thing that somehow got in the house. I hope they get rid of it so I don't have to. A caption for that last picture:

Hey, this thing is good for something else besides drinking water out of it.

Suz said... win!!!!!!!!

Jill said...

I have one too: "Hey, my person spends alot of time in here. I can see why - the view is Great!"

Cute pics!

bad penny said...

Oh I am laughing at these pics thank you

Caption... " It's OK Frank, I don't think anyone saw us hide the loot in the cistern "

Suz said...

okay Bad Penny...2nd place!