Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Green Challenge

This is my project for Lindsay's Green Challenge.
Click HERE to read about the Green Challenge.

I decided to make a birdhouse.
I started with a plastic gallon milk jug.
I covered the jug with brown grocery bag inside and outside;
and, then cut out the front opening.
I glued twigs onto the sides;
and, slapped a little green paint on the wood sides.

Then, the fun started.
I added the window.
I glued on two different types of moss, acorns,
greenery, pinecones on the outside.
Bird feathers and a little nest with eggs were place inside.

I just adore the window.

The acorns above the door will greet the birds.

I could not resist the ribbon on the top.
It adds that needed "girly" touch.
The finished birdhouse is about
7" X 7' X 14" tall.
It is for decorative use only.
I visualize it in a bookcase, coffee table
or enclosed porch.
Hugs, Dogwood


Rachel said...

It's cute. I was wondering if you were going to rent it out to a family... guess not, eh?

Theresa said...

Now lookie there at that cute birdhouse! Precious and so creative. I can't believe you did all that my "talented friend"! Love it and can't wait to see where you display this beauty. Have a blessed evening!

Suz said...

Whatr a wonderful job you did...and it will look so nice on a patio or sunroom

Sioux said...

How clever and creative you are! Bet it was inspirational and fun to walk outside your door in Grass Valley and gather supplies to bring your adorable bird house to life. Love the ribbon. Too cute!


goldenbird said...

Your birdhouse is very cute and so creative. I love the window, too. It sounds like it was fun to make, and it will look great in your home. I wonder how long it will take before Rocky tries to remove the little nest inside.

Natasha Burns said...

That's a great birdhouse! I love green, it's my favourite colour!

bad penny said...

your bird house is adorable - love it

Woollywotnots said...

Oh wow, you are such a talent. This is so so creative and amazing. The result is fantastic. You could sell these. They look so great.