Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mossy Bird House

Thanks to all my dear blog friends who voted for my Mossy Bird House.

I won First Place.

Click HERE to read the results.

Have you been missing "Rocky?"
He has taken charge
and will appear in my next blog.
Have a precious day!


Rachel said...

Congratulations! Your bird house (and you!) deserved to win. So cute.

Looking forward to chatting with the Rockstar!

Theresa said...

I am so proud of you! Love that birdhouse and I HAVE been missing The Rockster! Have a blessed evening and enjoy your win!

Suz said...

ah...the chicago way
and to think I didn't have to be dead to vote! is a beautiful piece ,your mossy bird house
How's your tooth?
..just nagging you a bit
hope it's well soon

goldenbird said...

Congrats on winning first place! That's wonderful news.

Looking forward to seeing Rocky. Is your tooth feeling better? I hope so.

Anya said...

I know you are fantastic :-)


Yeahhhhhh..... you are a winner :-)

Teresa Wik- T Pots Pottery said...

Yippppppeeeeeee Congrats!