Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Snow in Grass Valley

It is now two hours later.
The snow has all melted.
The sun is out.
The daffolils are smiling.
And, the birds are singing.
I guess I started bragging about Springtime in California too soon!It is snowing in Grass Valley this morning.

So pretty.

Just a little dusting.
I am going out to play in the snow!



Theresa said...

A little dusting is pretty when you can still get out:) Hope you are enjoying your week there in Grass Valley! Hugs from Ganky!

goldenbird said...

Looks so beautiful, like a wonderland. Hope you had fun! I think we are supposed to get another storm this evening with lots of snow in Tahoe.

Anya said...

Make a snowman its Fun


Suz said...

go ahead have fun

Jayme, The Coop Keeper said...

oh it sure looks pretty! I didn't even think it snowed in your neck of the woods.

debra said...

Oh! Now they are pretty photos, i will trade you for this long miserable wet we are having? Love your wisper doll...sweet day:)