Tuesday, April 27, 2010

April is National Letter Writing Month

I joined a Letter Writing Campaign for April.
It has been so much fun.
Lindsay at her blog planned the event.
There were thirty ladies who signed-up for the fun.
I sent a card to everyone.
We all had our own "Blog Pal."
We surprised each other with fun goodies.
These are the sweet cards that I have recieved
from my special Blog Pal.
She made a dogwood blossom for me out of fabric,
a book mark and an ATC card.
Here are some of the cards that have been filling my mailbox.
I love hand-made greeting cards.

More fun cards.

Sweet flowers and birds and lots of colors.

All the cards are so creative.

I am having so much fun looking at all these cards over and over.
I have them in a basket on my kitchen table for everyone to see.

This is a hand-made thank you card from Lindsay
for taking part in her letter writing event.

The sweet green garland is also from Lindsay.
It is my first prize for my Moss Bird House
from her "green challenge" last month.

Happy Creating to You.


Theresa said...

Wonderful cards! I love them all, and the garland is precious! Have a blessed day my friend:) HUGS!

Suz said...

so that's what you have been doing!
What a great thing
I love the tree card

Createology said...

This month has been a lot of fun with all the snail mail going around. Handmade cards and fun little inserts are the best. Cory your cards are fabulous! Thank you. Happy creating...


That is a lot of FUN Mail!! What a great idea.
Thank you for the birthday card!
I need to get going on the theme for our May ATC card.
Deb :)

Rachel said...

I don't know why, but your posts haven't been showing up on my blogroll for a week, so I didn't know you'd posted. :(

Anyway... your sister's house is lovely. I'm glad you had a wonderful visit with her!

Love the cards. You make nice hand-made cards too. I am the lucky recipient of a few of them!

Mandy Saile of Bijou's Whimsy said...

Oh wow how wonderful to get all of that in the mail...I have to join up next time for I am always begging my friends for mail and never get any...yet still everyday I run to the mailbox with high hopes, ha ha.

Anya said...

Love your cards!!!
did you made all cards self
Very creative .....

goldenbird said...

The letter writing campaign sounds like fun and those handmade cards are beautiful. You must have enjoyed it so much! There is something special about seeing a handwritten envelope in the mail, not to mention receiving a handmade card. What a great way to make new friends, too.

Createology said...

Me again...your blog pal. I just got your fabulous mail and I love them both. The soap petals are very fun. What a super creative card with the map and postcard snippets. I love how creative you are. Thank you for being my excellent blog pal this entire month of April Letter Writing Month. Happy creating...

Unseen Rajasthan said...

These are some really beautiful and fantastic shots !!Amazing post !!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

What lovely mail to receive - nothing beats a letter in the post!