Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Yummy To My Tummy

This place is so dangerous.
It is a new frozen yogurt shop next to our
neighborhood grocery store in San Francisco.
The name of it is NUBI. Check it out here.
Their frozen yogurt is so "over the top delicious."
And, so many toppings to choose from~oh my!
My Guy does all the cooking and grocery shopping.
I may start volunteering to do some of the grocery shopping!!!
My Guy likes vanilla and chocolate with just a few toppings.

I like to try it all.
My favorite frozen yogurt flavors are
georgia peach, lychee, taro, red velvet cake and vanilla bean.
My fav toppings are moochi, lychee, jello pieces and chocolate sauce
along with sweeten condensed milk and marshmellow.

I think I will soon be on first name bases with
the servers at NUBI.



Theresa said...

I love frozen yogurt...hmmmmm Georgia peach sounds good to me:) I will have to have some when I come out there! It is on my list:) Hugs!

Createology said...

Hi Dogwood. If you need any excuses you could eat a dish of frozen yogurt for me too. It looks and sounds delicious. Almost as yummy at gelato! Happy Nubi eating...

Anya said...

Delicious .......
I love icecream :-)

bad penny said...

Scrummy !

goldenbird said...

Yum, that frozen yogurt looks so sweet and refreshing. How nice of them to open up shop right next to your grocery store.

Two new frozen yogurt shops are opening up by me! One is on the corner and the other is in Almaden Plaza. And we already have one over by Safeway!

Have a good trip and a happy Mother's Day. See you when you get back.