Saturday, July 3, 2010

For the Birds

I lost my calendar yesterday at the grocery store.
Has anyone seen it?
I wonder what I am doing today!
That was the bad part of the day.
Now, for the good part of the day.
As I was leaving the grocery store, I heard this
wonderful chatter of chirping.
I looked up in the rafters and saw something precious.
Those swallows are great nest builders out of mud.

Oh my gosh.

So sweet.

We are fortunate in California to have
Swallows return each year to
San Juan Capistrano in SO CA.
Click HERE for more information.



Theresa said...

Oh how cute, I have never seen a nest made out of mud!

Enjoy your weekend, my friend! Happy 4th of July!

HUGS! **hope you find your calendar**


I wonder if they will fly down and yell at folks when they have their babies???
Rec'd your butterfly ATC today and pink is my fav color too! Love how you made your butterfly.Thank you. I'll mail mine Mon/Tues.
Happy 4th !
Deb :)

koralee said...

Oh those are sooooo cute..I love swallows...happy 4th of July to you. xoxo

Createology said...

Hi Dogwood. Sorry you lost your calendar however maybe now you will have time to just enjoy. A very Happy, Safe and Sparkly Fourth of July to you...

goldenbird said...

Hope you find your calendar. Swallows are such beautiful birds and their mud nests are very interesting. I love coming across bird nests unexpectedly. Happy fourth, my friend!

I just sealed up all of my ATCs and will pop them in the mail tomorrow along with handmade 'bird' themed greeting cards :) Fun fun!

Hugs and kisses to Rocky ...

bad penny said...

How fabulous. My mother had a Swift nest in the corner of her bedroon window. They made a terrible mess but it was lovely to watcth them fly in & out.