Friday, December 3, 2010


The incredible wonders of nature and the precious world of birds.Looks like this beautiful
Downy Woodpecker
is all ready for Christmas
with his red cap!
~photo taken in our backyard in Grass Valley~


Suz said...

What a nice photo you got!
We have them too...feed them they come
In Galena we get the bigger hairy woodpecker ...and the red headed ones...they are marvelous birds to watch and they make a lot of noise

goldenbird said...

He is just gorgeous and what a wonderful picture. It looks right out of a bird magazine. You're so lucky to be getting those guys at your feeder. I can hear woodpeckers in the trees but haven't seen any at the feeder, except that possible flicker sighting the other day. Hope you enjoy your weekend, Cory. Any plans?

Theresa said...

Beautiful woodpecker! It brings back a special memory sitting with my Dad at his house! There was a woodpecker outside his window and we watched it for a long time! It was gorgeous with beautiful colors! Of course I took a picture! Thanks for triggering that memory:) Have a blessed weekend! HUGS!

Claudia said...

Gorgeous photo of the woodpecker! We have them around here, but I haven't seen one in a while. One summer, a woodpecker woke us up every morning, pecking on the maple tree outside our bedroom window.


bad penny said...

How wondreful - I've never managed to see one yet !

Createology said...

I just love woodpeckers and feel so fortunate to have them here at our property. Of course as long as they DO NOT destroy our home. Enjoy the season...

Anya said...

Hi Cory

Thanks for your sweet words
the last weeks/months
it means a lot to me
to have real friends in blogging world

Kareltje =^.^=

Linda said...

Love the woodpecker!!! What a great photo!