Friday, February 25, 2011


Her name is Fanny.
She is my number 6 Whisper Doll.

Fanny loves her black mary-jane shoes.
OK~I am official now.
How do you like my "Created by Dogwood" stamp.
My dear sweet daughter Teresa is coming to town to visit me.
We are so excited to have some time together.
We will play in the city tomorrow.
And, then we are taking an art class on Sunday and Monday!
Have a fabulous weekend.
Hugs, Cory~Dogwood


Theresa said...

Love this sweet whisper doll! Each one is precious and unique! Hope you and Teresa have a wonderful day! HUGS!


Your "family" is expanding...Daisy is still my favorite..don't tell the other girls..
I'll start thinking about my ATC after my vacation.

cool personal stamp! Are you going to be selling your dolls??

Ann Nichols said...

Fanny is just lovely!! I love how different these dolls of yours are while being as sweet as can be!(My daughter just walked up behind me and "ahhed" over them and said, "They have real personality!")
Of course you can post Edward on your sidebar - he would be honored! I will try to post another picture of him today (I used to do it every Friday but just can't be that regimented with my blog any more - work has too many demands! But if I don't make it on Friday I will try very hard for a Sat or Sunday posting of him!)
Many blessings to you and your family! Have a great time with your daughter!

Jeanie said...

These are so cute -- and I love your stamp! You ARE official!

koralee said...

You my friend are having too much fun creating these treasures...I love love them all....have fun with your daughter..I know you will xoxoxo

eastwitching said...

I love this personalised stamp -I must get something similar - thanks for sharing it:) Alison

Linda said...

Love the doll!!! And love your rubber stamp. You are Uptown, girl!