Monday, April 30, 2012

Ticker Tape Quilt for my daughter Teresa

 It is a rag quilt.
This is the back.
Great quilt to make using up scrap fabric!
 More scrap fabric.
This quilt has a funky raw edge look.
No rules!!!
Can you find Rocky?

Happy Days to you all.



Teresa Wik- T Pots Pottery said...

I am the luckiest daughter in the whole, wide world! Thank you so much, it is beautiful! Can't wait for your next visit!!!! :)

Stacy said...

I love it! A Dogwood original. Love the way the back looks. Teresa is so lucky.

Theresa said...

Teresa is a LUCKY girl to get that quilt! I LOVE it! Have a blessed day my friend, HUGS!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Teresa I think you are lucky! Your Mom is so talented and so sweet and caring!

Createology said...

Beautiful quilt and what a lovely gift for your daughter. I spy Rocky and see that he really likes this cozy quilt. Blissful quilting...