Sunday, August 19, 2012

Doggie Flannel From My Most Wonderful Pen Pal

 I was so excited when I received a strip of that darling doggie flannel.  
It came in the mail from the Best Pen Pal in the World.
She knows that I sew blankets for Project Linus.

 So, here is what I did.
Purchased the little blue & white herring bone flannel print for the front.
And, bone & dog paw flannel print for the back.

Then, sewed them all together for a darling little Linus Blanket.
I am so proud of it.
It will keep some little needy child warm and cozy.
A BIG thank you to my sweet Pen Pal.
Her name is Sherry.
Click here to check out her fun blog!



Theresa said...

Sweet gift from your friend! YOU ARE precious to make that sweet blankey for Project Linus:) It warms my heart to know that someone will be enjoying it! Have a blessed evening, BIG HUGS!

Suz said...

gosh that's gorgeous fabric