Saturday, June 15, 2013

Dogwood is 70 Happy Years Old

 Thank you all for making my 
birthday party so wonderful.

 Teresa telling us how it all works.

 Just taking it all in

Teresa doing her thing.

 We love our Tutus.

 What color is that?

 Two lovely ladies.

 Julia must have told a cute story about Aiden.

Two fun friends from MARS.

 Judith having fun.

 Three artists.

 Love all the happy ladies.

 Busy at work.

Chris on a coffee break.

 Smile for the camera.

 Gail~concentrating and not talking!

 Famous Lindsay~Creator of Cutness.

Marilyn~That cupcake look good enough to eat.

 Happy Day for Dogwood.

 Julia love her gnome.

Gail and Judith busy at work.

 Don't touch my Birthday Crown.

 Krafty Karen.

I love Teresa's smile.

 Chris making charms for her gourds.

 I love you Teresa.

 Scatter Joy.

 Carmen came all the way from Mt View to 
attend my party.  Thank you.

 Busy being artists.

 TPotsPotttery is such a fun place to play.

 Lunch bags.
We had peanut butter & jelly sandwiches.

 Cory, Joy and Carmen.


 Dogwood with Riley Jean the Pastry Queen.

 Love Cheryl's little tutu.

 Girlfriends are the best.

 Kiss for Carmen.

 Loving a hug from Judith.

 Oh, goodie another kiss.

 The sweetness of friends.

 Love you Paula.

 And, more hugs.

 Having fun.

 Annie and Kurtis~The Photographer.

 Mom and daughter hug.

 Doing our famous Tutu Dance.
Thank you Susanne!

 Feeling Pretty.

 Sugar, sugar, yummy!

Blowing out the candles.

This is the place!
Thank you TERESA so so much.
Love, love you with all my heart.

And, a big, huge THANK YOU to all my 
crafting mountain friends!



Anonymous said...

Hey Hi~

Looks like a fun day.
Enjoyed the photos.
Keep celebrating.

Teresa Wik- T Pots Pottery said...

What a fun wonderful way to spend your birthday. Thanks for sharing it with me.

Anonymous said...

OK Cory, I'm going to try and leave a comment. What a wonderful 70th birthday party. I can't wait till we do it again.
Big Hugs, Chris

Createology said...

Happy 70th and what a wonderful way to celebrate your special day. Fantastic Photos. Happy Hearts are Creative Hearts Dogwood Dear...

Theresa said...

Oh what a wonderful birthday party:) I enjoyed the fun and the smiles! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!