Friday, August 21, 2009

Button Button~Who Has The Button?

I have always had this special love affair with buttons of all shapes, sizes, colors and designs. I think it started when I was a little girl. My mother used to sew the cutest clothes for me and always let me choose the buttons. It would take me hours to decide on just the perfect buttons!

Last night I was packaging a Thank You gift for a friend since I am staying at her house tonight. I did not have a card so decided to make a little tag. My button collection sure came in handy. Such fun! I was up late last night creating more little gift tags.

Scraps of paper are great for gift tags along with using stamps for a message.

Ribbons and yarn pieces add the perfect touch of color and texture.

Pink, pink~Oh how I love pink...cotton candy, bubble gum, roses, fluffy frosting and I must not forget my Absolute Favorite PINK DOGWOOD BLOSSOMS! Pink is the sweetest color and "oh so" calming and soothing to me. What about you? What is your favorite color?

Lately, I have started adding emblishments of buttons on my knit scarves. Sometimes the buttons are of contrasting color and other times a coordinating color.

Most of my hand knit scarves are donated to the Cancer Center of the hospital in Grass Valley and UCSF in San Francisco. I am now adding a cozy pair of sox to match the scarf tied on with a colorful ribbon.
"Button Button Who Has The Button?" Have you played it lately?
Pink Sweetness to you. Hugs~Dogwood


goldenbird said...

Your tags look so cute with the buttons. Very creative! I love buttons, too. I love it when I search through my button jar and find the exact right one. I've never played "Button Button", but that saying sounds familiar.

You're so generous donating your scarves to the cancer center.

Dogwood said...

Stacy~Here is a link about the children's game of "Button button who has the button."

Tammy James said...

the scarf and sock bundles look lovely and you creative use of buttons has bought a smile to my day. TFS

Rachel said...

I ♥ buttons, too! I have three jars of them and I love finding new ways to use them. I have embellished purses, dresses, cards, quilts, scarves... tons of stuff!

Your gift tags are beautiful... another great way to use buttons!

Jill said...

Uh oh. You've found on of my favorite things to do - make cards with button embellishments. I guess it's contagious - thanks for passing on the love!

Theresa said...

I also love buttons:) The cards and tags are so pretty. The buttons add that cutest touch. Good job on giving your handywork to the Cancer center, making lots of people smile. Have a blessed day.

Maisy said...

I am mad crazy for white buttons....i mean MAD crazy!
I love all your ideas. You are so sweet!!


Your tags are sweet and I love that you make scarves and sox for the cancer center. You are kind lady!! I have a couple jars of buttons also...that is sweet that your Mom let you pick out buttons for your dress.
Happy Weekend!
Deb :)

Michelle said...

Those cards are so sweet... and what a great way to embellish a scarf!!

My favorite color is yellow~since you asked :-)

And my tag list is coming soon!!

Teresa Wik- T Pots Pottery said...

I like the cards, wonderful colors!

I remember going up to your sewing room and looking through all the buttons you had stored away when I was a kid!

Must be in the genes... I too have a lot of buttons and I don't even sew! Remind me and I will give them to you.

Dogwood said...

Love reading all your sweet comments. Thanks for stopping by. I will be doing another post today. Dogwood

goldenbird said...

I hope you are getting lots of rest after the weekend, Cory. You sounded exhausted even in your emails. I love your blog and look forward to more of your wonderful creative writing.