Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Historic Churches~Nevada City/Grass Valley CA

Old buildings from the Gold Rush days are one of my passions. Living in both San Francisco and Grass Valley, I get to see many old building with tons of history connected to them. I love the windows, doors, roof lines, smells, touch and stories within the walls of the old buildings.

The first two photos are of the Nevada City United Methodist Church on the main street of town. A few years ago this church was featured in a made for television movie THE CHRISTMAS CARD staring Ed Asner which was filmed in Nevada City.

The St. Canice Catholic Church is a sweet white wood church. It was built in 1864.

The St. Canice's steple is very tall and is a landmark in Nevada City. It was built across from the Trinity Episopical Church but now the two churches are separated by Highway 80.

Now, we are looking from the front of St. Canice across Hwy 80 to Trinity Episcopal.

Another view of St. Canice Catholic Church showing the two crosses.

This lovely church is the Trinity Episcopal Church in Nevada City. It is located on a street with many historical homes.

It is so sweetly nestled in the trees. The choir loft in this church allows the voices, of the award winning choir, to carry sweet sounds of angels to the ears of the congregation.

We are in Grass Valley. I wish the photo showed the beautiful rose garden on the side of the Catholic Church. Just thinking about the roses brings the sweet smell to my nose!

The original St. Patrick's Catholic Church burned down. This is the re-build. There is a wonderful historic cementary across the street from the church along with St. Joseph's Cultural Center. That is where Stacy~Golden Bird Knits~and I witnessed the engagement. Also, where she took those wonderful photos of the playful nuns.

I love the cross on top of the Grass Valley United Methodist Church. The fun "popcorn" blossoms look so happy on the flowering fruit tree in the church yard.

This lovely unpainted wood church in Grass Valley is the Emmanual Episcopal Church built in 1855. The stained glass windows are beautiful. The church is surrounded by a wonderfully maintained garden.
So, I hope you have enjoyed this little tour of some of the historic chruches in the Nevada City/Grass Valley area of California.


goldenbird said...

Your photos are beautiful, Cory! I love those old buildings and churches, too. Your photos of the St. Canice steeple are especially nice. Thank you for the tour!

Are you starting to see touches of Autumn in Grass Valley? Or maybe is it still a bit early for that.

Jill said...

Such great photos - makes me think about home. I love the architecture on both coasts so much - the old old old of the east and the 'newer' adobe and such of the west. Thanks for sharing, Cory!

Rachel said...

Beautiful photos. I love old buildings and the stories behind them. My house is 100 years old this year!

Theresa said...

I sure did enjoy the tour! I love the detail on the windows and doors! I love steeples, especially old ones! Thanks for sharing! Have a blessed day!

Eric Carlson said...

These pictures help me remember the tour you took me on during the summer of '08. We also attended Sunday worship at Trinity Episcopal Church. Thank you and God bless!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

What lovely photos - looks like such a pretty part of the world you live in!

Dogwood said...

Thanks for your comments. I am glad you enjoyed the little historic tour.

goldenbird said...

I just saw a comment from someone named "Pink Dogwood" on another blog and was stunned because her comment was almost identical to mine! I thought it was you, of course, but it turns out there is another Dogwood out there in blogland. Her blog is called She Stories but her user name is Pink Dogwood. Anyway, thought you might like to take a look ... http://shestories.blogspot.com/


Hi Cory,
Thanks for your kind comments about my living room!
Love old churches. You have great photos.
I love how you gave hankies to Stacy and all.
Very kind and a sweet of you.
Deb :)

The Tattered Cottage said...

I stopped by via Garage Sale Gal. You are definitely a girl after my own heart. I LOVE old churches and you have some beautiful pictures of gorgeous churches! I love old barns too. My dad lives in Grass Valley and I have never seen any of these churches. When I come back to Cali, I am going to make it a point to find these churches and get some photo's too :) Wonderful post.

Anonymous said...

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Fr William E Bauer TFSC PhD said...

The older Catholic Church building in Grass Valley sat on what is now the parking lot for the school. The church building was disassembled brick-by-brick. I watched from my 5th grade classroom next door. There was no sign of a fire whatsoever. The UCD library has some great pix of it.