Friday, August 14, 2009

Dogwood Was Tagged!

My first Tag. Oh goodie. Jen from her sweet blog CANDLE LIT COTTAGE tagged me. I am to tell you six things about myself. So, here goes...

1. My hair drives me crazy.

2. I belong to a sweet little ATC swap group.

3. I do not do grocery shopping or cooking.

4. One of my favorite activities is ironing.

5. I drive a stick shift car...not sure I know how to drive automatic shift.

6. I am extremely organized.

7. I do not wear any make-up.

8. I hate sweat shirts and especially sweat pants.

9. I sew and knit blankets for Project Linus.

10. Last year I traveled for two weeks in VT and NYC with four high school girl friends who I have known for 50 years!

Yes, I do know how to count to six but I got carried away with the fun of being Tagged. So now fellow bloggers, you know a little more about me.

Now, I get to goes:



So, ladies have fun. Can't wait to read your lists!

Thanks Jen. I had lots of fun doing this Tag.

Hugs to all, Dogwood


Rachel said...

Okay - I'll have to think on this one for a bit. Hmmm... 6 (or 10) random things (that won't embarrass me or the readers haha).

Yours were fun to read.

Dogwood said...

Thanks to you dear Rachel. Wishing you a very nice weekend.

Debra said...

Hello...i just stumbled onto your blog..the name appealed very much to me actually. You see i have just planted 3 dogwoods in my drive. I too simply adore the tree. I read your previous post on a little more about me...then cute...did you make rocky's basket...its gorgeous. Pop on over to my blog when you have time. Although of late i have not uploaded any of my creations, but will do soon. Happy day :)

goldenbird said...

Thanks for tagging me, Dogwood! I will post six (or ten) things about myself soon ... gulp. I'll have to think of some interesting things. I didn't know you hate sweat shirts and sweat pants! Funny what you learn after 17 years. You are welcome to come over and iron any time :o)

goldenbird said...

PS. Hopefully those mischevious blog fairies won't remove my comment this time.

Dogwood said...

Debra~I wish I could say "yes" I made the basket but no I did not. A friend who lives in So CA gave it to me and I am sure she purchased it at a craft shop.

Stacy~Have fun with your "tag" which I hope to see real soon! pressure.

Jill said...

Ooooooo... I've been tagged. Thanks, Cory - I'll try to do it justice! Thanks for sharing fun facts about yourself!

Teresa Wik- T Pots Pottery said...

You are busy woman- love all that you do!

woollywotnots said...

Great list, Dogwood. Full of fun and excitement.

Michelle said...

Oh boy...I've never been tagged in the blogosphere before thanks :-) I'm catching up tonight after being off-line for a bit, so I'll start thinking about my list!!

I love your list...a fellow stick shift driver!! I so prefer that to automatic. My mini van that I drive now (needs to hold 3 car seats) is my first ever automatic transmission and I really miss my old manuals (especially in the winter!)