Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Little About me but more about Rocky

Ok, so let's see...a little about me. I am 66 years young and loving retirement. I have a great gentleman in my life, and two wonderful children. My son lives in Honolulu with his lovely wife and three children. My oldest grandson is a junior at the University of Hawaii. My granddaughter is a senior in high school. And, the youngest guy is an active 4th grader. My daughter and her husband live in the Sierras and enjoy all the sports that are available in the mountains. They have two big golden retrievers and three large Maine Coon Cats. More about me and my family at a later time on a different post.

Now, I will tell you about my funny cat Rocky since his picture on my profile. He is a three year old orange tabby that came from SF/SPCA. He was adopted about six weeks ago. As you can see by the picture he is a BIG cat. He is very friendly and demands LOTS of attention. He loves to help me with my craft and sewing projects which means getting on top of everything I am work on.

Rocky thought you would enjoy reading the thank you letter he sent to the SF/SPCA.

July 2009
To the wonderful staff at SF~SPCA,
I was named Marmalade by you but Cory and Forrest did not think that name fit me. They are going to see what I am like, and then re-name me. That is OK with me. Well, they did change my name to ROCKY. Isn’t that a fabulous name for me?
I am just so happy to have been adopted by Cory and Forrest. They really love me already. I am so lucky. It did not take me long to feel at home with them. I made them really happy when I slept on their bed the first night. The only bad thing I have done so far is to try to eat the leaves on their fake ficus trees. For some reason, that really upsets them. I am going to try really hard not to do that anymore.
Cory and Forrest live in San Francisco but also have a home Grass Valley. Another reason I am so lucky! I like it there. It is very different than city life. Country life has lots of birds, squirrels, deer, big trees and tall mountains. I love sleeping in the sun that streams in through the windows. And, oh, I love to look out windows!
I have enclosed some photos that Cory took as soon as we got home from SPCA. She could not wait. She thinks I am so handsome with my bright orange fur. Some people have called me gorgeous. I am not sure I know what that means, but I think it is good. As you can see in one of the photos, I tried to get on the fleece pillow, but I am too big. I think I am going to be put on a diet.
Thanks for taking such care of me when I was staying with you.

Rocky thinks he is pretty smart and is very proud of his letter. He hopes you like reading it. He also wants to have one more picture of himself doing what cats do best.

Hugs from, Dogwood and Rocky!


Rachel said...

Oh, he IS gorgeous! And it sounds like he has a wonderful purr-sonality, too. Lucky you to have him... and lucky Rocky to be adopted by you and loved so well. Thanks for sharing him with us.

Theresa said...

Love Rocky, he is just gorgeous and lucky to have found such a good Mama:) Have a blessed day!

Mandy Saile of Bijou's Whimsy said...

Well Dogwood it looks like your getting the hang of posting already, ha ha. THanks for popping into my blog in return, more bloggers should follow suit but most don't unfortunately. You'll find the post flow gets easier with time, it took me awhile and sometimes I am still finding my 'voice'. But thanks for the compliment I do put alot of effort into the 'design and flow' of each post:D so glad someone noticed:D I'll add you to my bloglist and check back on what your doing. Hello to Rocky...and tell him that his red/round cat napping basket is beautiful, ha ha.

goldenbird said...

Oh no! I left you a long comment this morning but it's not here. Darn it. Let me try to rewrite it. Rocky is a sweetie, and so gorgeous, too. I like his letter, he is such a thoughtful guy. When I got home from Grass Valley last weekend I took a nap and dreamed that I was having a conversation with an orange tabby. I think me and Rocky did some good bonding.

I'm loving your blog ....


Hi Cory,
I'm finally a "follower" took my computer 4-ever to upload :)
Rocky is one happy guy! Thanks for giving him a new home!!
Deb :)

Teresa Wik- T Pots Pottery said...

Both you and Rocky are SOOOOO adorable! I too am a "follower" of yours for ever. :)

jen said...

Rocky is precious!! He looks so sweet curled up in that basket!!

I tagged you. No pressure...but if you get a chance stop by my blog for details.


goldenbird said...

I sent you a little card today to your city house :o)

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Looks like you and Rocky are a purrfect match!

Dogwood said...

Thanks ladies for all your nice comments about Rocky. He is running around the house with joy this morning!