Sunday, August 30, 2009

Velveteen Scarves with Silk Trim

When I was in New York City last fall, I saw some scarves like the two in the above photo. I really wanted to buy one but my pocketbook would not allow it! So, I drew a picture and came home and made some similiar to the ones I saw in NYC.

I love the combination of these two colors. I have worn it to the opera and on casual days with jeans! The beautiful Asian Pottery dish is from my grandmother. I just love it and my fond loving memories of my "Baba."

I always feel so happy when I wear this bright pink scarf. The soft velveteen
fabric feels so comfy on my neck. These scarves keep me cozy in our foggy San Francisco weather. The lovely bowl is from my dear mother. And, the hand made wood box is from "My Guy."
By the way, it is cold and foggy today in San Francisco so when I go out to do my errands, I will definitely wear one of these scarves!
Have a sweet day. Dogwood


Maisy said...

they are beautiful!! ENJOY!!!

Rachel said...

They're beautiful. Are you going to write a tutorial for us?

Love the set up in your photographs with the gorgeous bowls and box!

Theresa said...

What beautiful scarves and yours are just as gorgeous as the New York ones:) You are so talented to make these beauties! Have a blessed day and enjoy your foggy cool day in that fun city!

goldenbird said...

Your velveteen scarves look so soft and cozy, Dogwood, not to mention stylish. I like the grey one with the blue trim in particular. Was it hot in SF yesterday and Friday? It was sweltering hot here. So glad it finally cooled down today.

I agree with Rachel, your photography is gorgeous with the Asian pottery, bowl, and box. Precious treasures.

Dogwood said...

Thanks to all you dear bloggers. This was a fun post for me to do. I will do a tutorial very soon.

Jill said...

Sooooo beautiful! I can't wait for the tutorial!

Mandy Saile of Bijou's Whimsy said...

Great job on those scarves Dogwood.