Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Another Look at Potrero Hill~San Francisco

This picture was taken from the top of Twin Peaks. This used to be a favorite place for teens to go to park and "neck." It has a beautiful 360 view of the city. This view is looking towards Potrero Hill...where I live.
Now we are looking from Potrero Hill to Twin Peaks.
Looking from Potrero Hill over the Bay to the city of Oakland.
The next two pictures are of downtown San Francisco from Potrero Hill
Hillside homes on Potrero Hill.
I love this row of homes.
Up Potrero Hill.
And, down Potrero Hill!
So, now you have seen a little bit more of my San Francisco neighborhood.
Have a sun shiny day and enjoy each minute of it.
From your blog friend, Dogwood


goldenbird said...

The view of the bay and downtown are gorgeous. I love San Francisco, it's such a beautiful city and so unique. Thanks for showing us a little bit more of your neighborhood, Dogwood!

Dogwood said...

Thanks to you for always being such a great follower of my blog! We will plan another full-filled day in SF again real soon.

Maisy said...

you are killing me here. I just LOVE the bay area!!!! *sigh*

Theresa said...

Loved the tour! I have seen most of this with mt very own eyes:) Loved it then too. Have a blessed day.

Jayme aka The Coop Keeper said...

I've only been to Southern California, and I'm longing to see the north. These pictures are beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

Rachel said...

Beautiful photos! One of the neatest things about SF is the fact that you really can have 'hills on all sides'. I definitely wouldn't want to drive a standard there!


When hubby and I visited SF a few years ago...I loved it!! Thanks for the great photos. Love the scarves you made and love the paper scraps you picked up! You have been a busy gal.
I guess I should get working on my ATC for this month...
Deb :)

Dogwood said...

Thanks. Potrero Hill is a fun neighborhood.

My next blog will be a tutorial on the Velveteen Scarves. They are soooo easy!


goldenbird said...

Looking forward to your tutorial, Dogwood!

Dogwood said...

Oh, sweet Stacy...you will need a sewing machine. Maybe I can find one for you!

woollywotnots said...

Super photos. Thanks for sharing :-) On my wishlist to visit!