Thursday, August 27, 2009

Walk In My San Francisco Neighborhood

Oh my gosh! How did this picture get up here??!! I don't know how to move it down where I want it so it is just going to have to stay here.
It is a picture of the San Francisco General Hospital in the wintertime. Don't you just love all those wonderful bricks.
This is the REAL beginning of this blog post!
Since my last blog post was a tour of churches in Grass Valley/Nevada City, I thought it would be fun to do a short little tour of the neighborhood where I live in San Francisco. This lovely gate enters into the most precious little shady garden. How do I know...I peeked in!

The area I live in is called Potrero Hill. At the bottom of the hill is the Design Center. Oh boy! All the stores have yummy-yummy pretty things. This is the most beautiful courtyard enterence.

I love those tiny little flowers in the huge planter.

Hillside field of mustard plants last springtime.

This small brick building is in front of the San Francisco General Hospital. Not sure of its use or purpose but love the ivy growing up the side wall.

Lovely flowers growing in front of the SFGH including our wonderful
California state flower THE POPPY.

I will do another post of San Francisco soon with some other fun places and events.
Enjoy another beautiful day and have fun!
Hugs to all, Dogwood


Rachel said...

Very nice! This is an area of SF we didn't see when we were there. Oh well, gotta save something for the next visit!

goldenbird said...

I love the tiny flowers in the huge planter and the small brick building with ivy. The field of mustard is so pretty-- it's hard to believe that is in the midst of San Francisco and not some place more rural!

You should be able to drag pictures with your mouse and drop them where you want them. Sometimes you have to do it a couple times before it will actually move where you want it to go.

Thanks for the tour of your SF neighborhood, it's just lovely.

Dogwood said...

Thanks Stacy for you comments about my photos. With my first post I was able to move the photos around but not on later posts! Oh my, such a challenge.

Rachel~we live in a fun and very diverse area. Potrero Hill is near the ballpark, Embarcadero, Mission District (that is where you went when you were on Valencia) and lots of other fun stuff.

Theresa said...

Oh I love San Francisco! We went there several years ago and LOVED it! The flowers and the buildings are gorgeous, love the poppies! More, more... please! Have a blessed day!

Dogwood said...

Theresa~I took some more phots today. Will check them out and post more SF photos! SF is a wonderful, exciting city.

Tammy James said...

What a pretty Area!

Anonymous said...
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