Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Escape Artist

How did we know he was planning his escape route.
Doesn't he know he is an inside cat.

Does this sweet orange tabby cat
really look like he would escape
out of the house given the chance??
If you answered yes, then you are correct!

Rocky is getting a closer look at his planned escape.

Last night I opened the back door to see if it was raining.
No rain so I closed the door.
Little did I know that Rocky had scooted out
the door without me seeing him!

My Guy and I hadn't seen Rocky for a while
but we were not worried as we just thought
he was doing his cat thing...hiding and sleeping.

Time to go to bed and no Rocky. Panic!
We went outside and called his name and he came running.
It would have been fun to see where he went and what he did!

Everytime we open the back door now, he comes running.
My guess is that he had a fun time outside last night.

Tonight Rocky is cozy inside happily dreaming
of his outside adventure last night.
Isn't he just the cutest. We love him lots.



Suz said...

He looks exhausted.
I hate when the kitty sneaks out...we have one that tries every so often...he jumps over our feet and scoots out the door...The two rescued girls know better....they know they have it good
So glad Rockie wasn't lost or taken or hurt.....
do a head count before bed!

goldenbird said...

Phew, thank goodness he came running! What a sneaky guy. I wonder what kind of adventure he had out there ... maybe some tree climbing, a little frolicking in the leaves, perhaps he chased a moth or two. Ah, freedom.

Theresa said...

Glad Rocky came running, I know how much you love him. He is such a pretty cat and I am sure he is much more comfortable inside:) Have a blessed day!

♥Mimi♥ said...

I don't know how Rocky feels about water, but if he lived at my house he'd be getting a face full of spray each and every time he approached the door. If water doesn't phase him, fill an empty coffee can with pebbles and shake it when you open the back door to make him scoot off.

Cats outside is a scary thing for me. All too often they don't end up coming home and there isn't a happy ending...sigh.

Anya said...

It sounds very scary
you can be happy he came back :-)
Kareltje is also a indoorcat
I will not think about it when he walks out and he will never return :(
Thanks that Rockie came back