Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sock It To Me!

It is getting colder each day.
So I say, "Sock it to me!"
I love my socks!
My little Cat Christmas Socks.

My Little Tree Socks.

Sweet Pink Kitty Socks.
Sometimes I like to mix my socks up
and wear one from one pair and one from another.
It is fun to be mixed up some days?

Everyone needs a warm pair of rag wool socks.

My Guy bought these for me in Yosemite.

Love these snowflake and stripeped socks

These are my absolute favorite.
They go with everything!

Don't you just love the colors
in these socks!

Rocky loves his Cat Socks.

The Rockstars feet were cold this morning.

Do you know about Smart Wool Socks?
They are the best.
A little on the pricey side but so warm.
They have a little wool, but not at all scratchy.

Does you sock drawer look like this?

Or... this? Be honest.

A hand-knit scarf and socks tied together
with a ribbon makes a really nice gift.
My "BFF Stacy" has been knitting slippers.
They look very cozy for winter.
Check out her blog Golden Bird Knits to see her slippers.
Wishing you a "Sock It To Me" day.


Theresa said...

I loved all your cute socks and I must say my sock drawer looks more like drawer #1:) That Stacy can sure make some cute stuff, her slippers look really warm. Rocky has some cute sockies too! Have a blessed day and keep warm!!!

Anya said...

I love all your socks
so colorful so cute
The cat socks are UNIQUE
I wish I had socks
Kareltje =^.^=

(Fantastic post !!!)

goldenbird said...

Lots of cute socks, Dogwood! Mine are all boring black or white (except for my new purple slipper :o). Rocky looks cozy in his socks. My sock drawer is such a mess I could never post a picture of it. Thanks for the linky love and hope you are having a great Sunday.

Rachel said...

Your socks are cute. Mine are mostly plain - black (to wear in my boots), white (for the gym), wooly (to go with jeans). My daughter loves fancy socks, though. I think her collection could rival yours - and she wears odd ones sometimes, just for fun.

Rocky looks sweet in his kitty socks. He needs some Christmassy ones for the holidays!

Hope you're having a wonderful and relaxing Sunday!

Suz said...

You are so expressive with your socks.
I wear mostly black,gray,navy blue or brown in winter. They always lose their mates. Maybe I should shoot for being organized or buy all the same color and pattern.
Rockstar is a fashion leader

Janean said...

i knit my socks from soft wool and woolen blends. they keep my feet toasty and i enjoy creating them! I may need to knit Rocky a pair that fits him a little better.

Jayme aka The Coop Keeper said...

You are just too cute in all of your socks! I have Life is Good socks on now, as I type. :-)

Woollywotnots said...

Such a cool post. I love the idea in the final picture. Looks such a delight to receive.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

What a great range of socks!! I think you must have some for every occasion.