Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I Am The Lucky Winner!

Such excitement for this little Dogwood gal.I am the Lucky Winner of this beautiful "Encaustic Tree Painting"
I have been following her blog for some
time now and love her artwork.
She is very talented!
I am so proud to have one of her paintings!
~Oh, my~
She has a shop on Etsy.
Susan~Thank you so much.
Hugs, Dogwood


Rachel said...

Oh how sweet. Is it tiny? It looks tiny. Lucky lucky Dogwood!

Theresa said...

PRECIOUS! Lucky girl to win that sweet painting! Great treasure for you to display, and hand painted:) Wow!

Claudia said...

Congratulations! It is lovely and must be especially so since you love her artwork. Lucky you!


Suz said...

That is a beautiful tile..it is a tile isn't it?
The color is so cool a green..winter like...lucky you is right..Maybe I should go over and visit that website

Anya said...

Its so lovely :-)

goldenbird said...

The Encaustic Tree Painting is beautiful. Congrats on winning it. I often visit Karen's blog, too, and love her artwork.

Have you made any more encaustic pieces?

Dogwood said...

Oh, my dear...another senior moment. I had her name as Karen on the post but have now corrected it to her real name which is Susan.

Susan, I am soooo, sorry.

Dogwood (blushing)

Marina Capano said...

Lucky girl, is so cute!!!


Susan - said...

Start checking your mailbox - I sent your encaustic tree painting yesterday. Congratulations on winning the artwork - thanks for the great post on your blog about my art!

P.S. You can call me (Karen - my grandmother's name) but I usually go by Susan =)