Monday, November 30, 2009

My Dear Deer Friends

Oh, dear me...look at that dear deer
in our Grass Valley backyard!
This is Bella.

And, I named this gal Alice.

The two gals.
Bella is eating but soon Alice will be out hunting.

Bella, Alice and and Bella's Mommy Rene.

We have lots of deer in our area in Grass Valley.
They usually wander through our yard both
morning and late afternoon.
Lot of fun!

The guys, Edward and Jacob, hanging out
watching the gals.
Love those antlers!

If you are interested, the deer in our
area are "Mule Deer."

by Stephenie Meyer.



Theresa said...

Oh so dear, dear:) They are beautiful and so is the landscape around them. Love the little bench and that gorgeous tree! Enjoy your book! Have a blessed evening!

Suz said...

Oh my goodness! How sweet...and those guys! Mule deer..we have white tail deer. In Galena we see deer on our woods occasionally..but have to be quick to spot them...This was such a delight to see...good thing you keep your camera handy....
and their names are so cute...
what does Rocky think of your oogling those other guys?


Hi Cory,
That is AWESOME!!! They look happy and seems to enjoy the treats you leave them.
Thanks for sharing those photos.
I finished the Dec ATC and will mail it out next week.
Deb :)

cupcake studio said...

Aww. We have deer that graze in our back field, but we can rarely get an up-close glimpse. Your photos (and the deer!) are so sweet!

V and Co. said...

WHOOT to reading twilight! looooove them! and thank you so much for your lovely comments on my blog! ;) -V

Claudia said...

We have a lot of deer around here, too. I never get tired of watching them - I think they are so beautiful! I wonder, are muledeer smaller in stature than our deer out here? It looks like they might be. My sister in Florida has deer around her house - they are much smaller than ours.


goldenbird said...

You are so funny! I wonder if Bella wants to be changed in to a vampire deer? Hopefully Bella won't cut herself while she's out romping in the forest because Alice might be tempted to ... you know. I'm Team Deer Edward!

It must be so nice to enjoy all the birds and deer that frequent your yard in GV. I think I'd want to be out on the deck all day long.

Marina Capano said...

OMG! what a cute friends you have!!!!


thanks for sharing!!!


woollywotnots said...

oh wow, how exciting! : )

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