Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hike in Grass Valley-Independence Trail

My Guy and I went on one of our favorite hikes in Grass Valley.
I must warn you that the photos are totally out of order
but I am feeling too lazy to re-arrange them.
During the summer, the is a favorite "cooling off" place.
It is fun watching the kiddies play in this pool area
of the Yuba River.
Kind of creepy.

Love that green, green moss.

Stairs down to the pool area.

Water fall at pool area.

Lovely moss and ferns.

More moss and ferns.

Out of the shady areas and into the sun.

More of the same.

Ferns and rock wall.

One mountain ridge after the other.

And, more fungus.

Love the beautiful blue sky.
If that old tree could talk, I would love to
sit quietly and listen!
Board walk crossing the Yuba River.

Looking down to the Yuba River.

Board walk down to the Yuba River.

Still enjoying the hike?

As, you can tell I love moss and ferns.
Click HERE to read about the fabulous Independence Trail!

Hee-Hee...we are now at the beginning and/or ending.
My Guy and I walked out for an hour and
then turned around and walked back to the beginning.
So, it is both the
beginning and the ending!

Hope you all enjoyed our hike!


Suz said...

Wow I did love this! I loved those large rocks....and the moss and the ferns...oh the beauty
What an infusion of beautiful joy you had with the one you love

Yuba ...I'll look that up tomorrow

cupcake studio said...

Love the shot of that winding board walk. What a pretty place!

Theresa said...

I sure did enjoy that hike. I wouldn't have known the difference about the pictures being out of order:) They are all so pretty. Looks like a lovely day for a long hike! Thanks for sharing those wonderful pictures. Have a blessed day my dear friend!

Rachel said...

Wow - so pretty! Why am I always surprised to see photos where there's no snow? Hmmm... I should take some outdoors and show you what it looks like here. Nope, never mind; it's too cold to stand out there and take pictures.

goldenbird said...

Gorgeous photos of your hike! Love the waterfall and the boardwalk down to the Yuba River. The green is so lush and pretty! What a nice way to start the new year with your guy.

Anya said...

Amazing nature shots :-)
Really BEAUTIFUL ...

Bunny Rose Cottage said...

OHHHH You have no idea how happy this post makes me, lol!! I miss greenery and beautiful nature! You are so lucky! What a gorgeous place, just amazing! Thank you so much for sharing!

Marina Capano said...

wow so cute place!!!


Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.

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