Thursday, January 14, 2010

Topsy-Turvy Rose Doll

Rocky wants you to know that he is feeling a little bit better.He also wanted to show you his nice new name tag.
He is very proud of it and his tough sounding name.
Funny little Ms. Kitty face.
This is the cat side of my "Rose Doll."
Fancy dress for Ms. Kitty.

The flip side is a darling little girl in a
rose print cotton dress.

I love her happy face and curly hair-do.
My sissy, who lives in Georgia, gave me this precious doll.

Topsy-Turvy Dolls (or inside out or upside down dolls)
are two dolls in one.
They originated during the Civil War Era.
The original dolls were made with a white face on one doll
and a black face on the other doll.
During the Victorian Era, the dolls were made to represent
popular Fairy Tale characters.
"Topsy-Turvy Rose Dolls" are a sweet doll face
joined with a pet like a cat, dog or bunny face.



goldenbird said...

Glad to hear the Rockster is feeling better. Does he mind wearing a collar and tag? I know mine should, too, but they look so miserable when I put it on them that I always end up taking it off within a few hours.

Your Topsy-Turvy Rose Doll is so sweet. I like that kitty face. If I had one of those when I was a child I would have taken it with me everywhere.

Theresa said...

Oh Rocky, I love your name tag and I am happy to hear you are feeling better! Sweet doll, love both sides:) Have a bessed day, HUGS!!!!

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

I had a topsy-turvy doll when I was growing up....I wonder whatever happened to it. Hmmmm, you have me wondering.

Suz said...

A dear sweet neighbor gave my oldest daughter two of those dolls
and was a block/white doll
and one was wolf/little red riding hood I have to go down in the dungeon and find them!
Rocky you look handsome
my kitties hate them...and I usually find them hidden behind the sofa

Teresa Wik- T Pots Pottery said...

How do you get Rocky to wear a collar? Delly races around like a scalded cat on meth whenever I put his on then, with in hours he has Houdinid out of it.

Anya said...

Nice to hear you are feeling better
Rocky :-)
I send you love hugs and cuddles
Kareltje =^.^=

Mandy Saile of Bijou's Whimsy said...

Hi Dogwood...I do suffer from chronic and accute migraines...of serveral different kinds so I am very hard to treat unfortunately! I've had them all my life and the past year was the worst yet..I am hoping 2010 is better! Thanks for your kind words:D It's so nice when someone tells you to take it easy and rest...somehow it makes it that much cozier when you do...I find anyways:D

I am glad Rocky is feeling better.

And those topsy-turvy dolls are pretty neat, what a great ideal.

Take Care Dogwood and 'see you' soon:D XO Mandy said...

all so cute!