Monday, July 5, 2010

Christmas In July

This is going to be so much fun!Making Christmas cards in July and mailing them out.

I am a member of the most wonderful, fun and silly
crafting group in Grass Valley.
Last month we mailed postcards to each other.

I am making my cards out of cards that I have received.

The weather is beautiful.
The deer have already been here.
The birds are eating at the feeders.
I am listening to the soundtrack from Mamma Mia.
Love those ABBA songs.
It is a good day!



~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

How FUN is this! A little Christmas in July!!
I listen to ABBA in the car... it never bores.
Hugs to you for a lovely new Christmas-y week ;)

goldenbird said...

Christmas in July-- how fun! You must be having a great time making cards. I love ABBA too! Your crafting group sounds like lots of fun.

Dar said...

What a novel idea with the cute cards. Cool group.

Theresa said...

OK, let's add Grass Valley to my "I'm going there list"! Sounds like loads of fun. I save all of my cards and should do that in the summer too. No time... when it get's time:) Know what I mean?

Big hugs! Have a blessed evening!

Suz said...

Oh my goah I loved Mama Mia
and I loved her singign better than abba!!
I think I need to start a crafty artsy group...Im jealous

Ann said...

We have winter here in New Zealand. Some people celebrate Christmas now.

Ann said...

They say in summer in winter with salads and BBQ is not the same, so Christmas in July is a good time.

Jo said...

Lovin' the Christmas cards in July thing you got going here - fun! And Abba was the first LP (oh dear, I sound like a dinosaur now!) I ever bought, and I still love 'em. Thank you so much for your kind comments on my blog about my Dad, it was very sweet of you and does help. xx