Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Flags in Nevada City CA

This is the sweetest little town in the Gold Country.The 4th of July parade goes down this main street
of Nevada City.

I love the gas street lights that flicker at night.
Under the lights are the most beautiful and colorful
flower baskets.

The old fire house is the brick building to the left.
The pine trees and foothill off in the distance
add to the country atmosphere.


Suz said...

Oh I did enjoy...love those flags
any good restaurants there?

cupcake studio said...

It looks like a town from a storybook...so nostalgic!

Theresa said...

OK, another place for me to visit! You are trying to MAKE me come out there, aren't you? hehe I am coming:) Love the pictures, all of those flags and I have a thing for old brick buildings!

Thanks for sharing this beauty with me!

Big hugs!

Sonja said...

Ooh! So happy to have found you! I'm your neighbor here in GV. *waves frantically* Hiiiii!

goldenbird said...

Those pine trees look wonderful. So many of them. Nevada City is such a cute little town. We don't see too many brick buildings around here.


Hi Cory,

Cool! Enjoyed your post about Christmas cards in July!

Deb :)

Natasha Burns said...

It looks great!

One thing I did notice in the US when I was there in 2008 was the amount of flags people had in their front yards or on their homes. I love that people are patriotic at any time of year

Marina Capano said...

Hi! what a beautiful town! I love Usa! I wanna go to there again!! comming soon!

Mr Tom is very well, and he send warm regars to Rocky!=^.^=

Michelle Palmer said...

Such a great post! LOVE to see flags flying~
Adorable town!
Thank you for sharing~