Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Good Old Days

Remember those cute little 45 records of days gone-by??!!Well, whether you do remember them are not,
they are great for decorating!
The theme for this project was~~"Life Is..."
On this side I wanted some of the
black vinyl to show.
On this side I decorated the whole record.
The two works I used were LOVE & GARDEN.
This is a fun project.
I used all scrapes from my craft cupboard.


Deana said...

For my parents' 50th, I bought 150 45's from a thrift store. I printed new labels for the records with all of the party information. I created 100 custom-made padded envelopes and mailed these "invitations". I was surprised at how many guests got their phonographs out and played their invitations! We also made labels with love songs from the 50's and glued 1 record to each side of a paper-covered styrofoam block. These were used as napkin holders for the tables. The caterer set up a soda fountain and served hamburgers, hot dogs and cokes in the bottle. Throw in a few poodle skirts, my dad's car club buddies in their vintage Chevies and a surprise Elvis personator, and you had one heck of a party! My parents and their friends said it was the best 50th they'd ever been to...nothing stuffy or formal about it!

Createology said...

Super clever of you and what a great way to use what we already have whether at home or at the thrift and gift. Happy creating...

goldenbird said...

Very cute and creative!

Suz said...

You haven't run across I Want to be Bobbie's Girl..have you?
very cute idea..and I like Deana's idea for an invite

koralee said...

Oh my you are soooo clever my friend..very creative.
Have a lovely weekend..happy creating. xoxoxo

Theresa said...

WOW, you continue to amaze me at your talents:) Great way to use those records! Have a blessed day my friend! HUGS!