Sunday, August 22, 2010

Our Resident Owl

It is hard to see the owl's cute little face.
But, he/she is there!

My Guy made the owl house.
It has been up high in the tree for two years.
I had almost given up on ever having owls find the owl house
and take up occupancy but it finally happened.
The owl house is in the tree in the middle of the above photo.

I am so so so excited!
Actually, my BFF Stacy~~~Golden Bird Knits~~~was with me
when I first saw that cute little owl face.



~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Beautiful pictures. I adore trees! The older the prettier.
Have a sweet and happy Tuesday. xxxx

Claudia said...

How exciting! I love owls. You must have been so thrilled to see that your owl house has a resident. We have Eastern Screech Owls on our property. I love hearing their calls at dusk.


Createology said...

I do see the owl face in the little tree house. Very sweet. Thank you for the adorable post card. Good bye to August and welcome FALL for all of it's beauty. Happy creating...

bad penny said...

That is so wonderful xx

Jeanie said...

I SEE it! A couple of years ago we went on a "raptor" watching excursion with a bird guy. We didn't see any owls, but did see their nests. It was wonderful!

Linda said...

Ohhhhhh! I love this! I had an owl visit me...check my blog last December...maybe January... I love them!