Thursday, February 17, 2011

Annabelle Whisper Doll

You may remember this post of My Whisper Doll last Spring.
Click HERE if you want to check it out.This Whisper Doll is named Lulu.

Last night I made my second Whisper Doll.
Her name is Annabelle.

Annabelle being introduced to Rocky.

I love her ears.
Good for listening to secrets.

She has a very loving heart.

Annabella is not perfect but will always be there for you
when you need to whisper to her.
And, if you listen closely, you may heard her whisper back to you!


Rachel said...

Cute! She kind of reminds me of the dolls in the movie 9. Did you see that movie? It made me want to create something with burlap and various closures

Theresa said...

Annabelle has heart! Love it that Rocky is enjoying the Whisper Dolls, I think she likes Lulu best! Rocky looked like he was hugging her in the first picture! Great job on both sweet dolls dear friend! HUGS!

Createology said...

Your dolls are so unique. It looks like Rocky is attached to LuLu. Annabelle is my kind of non-perfect. She will make an excellent listener. Happy creating...

Sadie Lou said...

How cute! You're making dolls now? I love how you dabble in all sorts of different arts and crafts!

koralee said...

Your dolls are adorable...they made me smile this evening. You are so creative! xoxox Happy weekend

Jeanie said...

Dear Rocky seems most disinterested! Too bad, because she's really cute!

goldenbird said...

I love your whisper dolls. Lulu and Annabelle are adorable. Annabelle's ears are just perfect.

As a matter of fact, I kind of look like Annabelle when I wake up most mornings.

The picture of Rocky hugging the doll is priceless.

Linda said... it. I had to keep scrolling back to find out where Whisper Dolls came from.