Saturday, February 19, 2011

Rocky's World

The Rockstar working at the computer.Time for a nap.
So cozy and warm inside the shopping bag.

Wishing you all a cozy and warm weekend!
Hugs, Cory~Dogwood


Createology said...

Looks like Rocky is working on his annual taxes. Great job Rocky. After all those tedius numbers you deserve a nap(sack). Smiling...

Theresa said...

Cute Rockster... I think he was trying to leave me a comment:) Take Rocky shopping, he's ready! Enjoy your evening! HUGS!

Ann Nichols said...

Oh so cute!!! I think my little Edward would join your Rockstar inside that bag in a jiff!
Aren't cats just the most amazing creatures (and dogs and birds and horses)!
By the by, I like NCIS, Out of Africa, the sound of birds and the other things you listed in your list of likes too! Even the tuba - reminds me always of the old days of grand bands!
have a great Sunday!

Rachel said...

What a purr-sonality Rocky has! Love that cat >^..^<

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

So soooo cute!

Have a sweet Sunday xxx

Jeanie said...

It's tough, all that computer work. I need a nap after working on one, too!