Monday, February 7, 2011

Cards and Rocks

Cards for friends with February Birthdays.I am in a Stampin' Up group and learning so much
and having lots of fun at the same time!
I am still in my pink, red and black phase.
Rocky has a new friend.
A little orange and white tabby kitten.
Kitty lives in our neighborhood and loves to visit with Rocky.Rocky is not sure what to think of the little guy.

Rocky has named his new friend "Goofy."
So, the sun is out and it is like Spring here in
Northern California.
The fruit trees are budding out!
Oh my!!!
But, we will get more snow and rain probably this weekend.
Hugs, Dogwood



Aww..Rocy's new friend looks like him!
Your cards are great! I've learned so much from them too.
Rec'd the ATC today...Thank you! It's giving me ideas. I haven't even started mine.

Rachel said...

Rocky's little friend is a cutie! How nice for him to have a visitor.

Spring? Not for another 3+ months here :(

Createology said...

Your new cards are very pretty. Isn't is super fun to learn new styles.
Looks like the little kitten is quite smitten with Mr. Rocky. Could it be Spring Love?

goldenbird said...

Goofy is sure cute. I received your ATC-- thank you, it's beautiful. Your's went out in the mail today.

koralee said...

So sweet.....I think Rocky has a girlfriend. xoxoxo Spring must be just around the corner. oxxoxo

Ann Nichols said...

So happy to have found you! You have a super blog! You know, my little kitty looks a lot like your Rocky's new friend! I've recently started posting about Edward (he choose his name!) every Friday. The rest of the week - it's all about St. Nicholas and a year round sort of way! Please come and join me!

Jeanie said...

Seeing Rocky and Goofy reminds me of Stimpy and Gypsy -- Stimpy was my earlier cat who looked a good deal like Goofy with maybe more of a Zorro-mask -- but orange and white. Only in our world, Stimpy was inside and Gypsy outside -- till I had to adopt him! Goofy is so cute! And they are adorable together. Does Goofy have a family? Might Rocky have a bro?!

And I love your cards -- lucky recipients!