Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sneak Peak of Spring

Blue Sky.
This is the sky today.
Lovely oak branches.

Apricot blossoms.

Pink plum blossoms.

White plum blossoms.

Almost open daffodil flower.
Sending warm thoughts to all of you.


Rachel said...

What beautiful pictures! Blossoms? You're kidding, right? I won't even show you the view from my window; it's too depressing!

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Hi Sweetie...
What beautiful photos today. I love the blossoms. It reminds us that Spring is coming, and we are going to have better weather ahead of us all.

A beautiful view of God's work today. Thank you for sharing.

Country hugs sweetie, Sherry

Createology said...

I am enjoying the sunshine however it is still waaaaaaaaaaaay tooooo cold for me yet. My daffodils are sprouting but no buds yet. Happy Sunshine Hearts to you...

Joanna said...

BEAUTIFUL photos, Cory. Thank you for reminding me that Spring is round the corner - it's a bit grey and dull here:0(


Theresa said...

I should come out there, looks like Spring has SPRUNG:) Have a blessed day, HUGS!

Jeanie said...

Well, I am more than a tad envious. In our world of white, seeing anything green would be a gift -- buds and blooms, amazing!